We currently looking for two people.

1st line Support

We help small businesses and charities with their IT so it’s pretty varied but the day to day kind of things include

Helping customers with technical problems

Software installation

User creation / Password Resets

Setting folder permissions

PC/Laptop/Mobile device setups

Backup checks

2nd Line Support

This job is similar to the 1st line support role but would also deal with issues that are escalated from 1st line support as well as attending customers sites for looking at problems or doing installations that can only be done in person such equipment installs (PCs, printers, firewalls, switches)

That means being able to drive is important for this role


We work with Microsoft products primarily so that means Office 365, Windows Server, Windows 10/11 and Office are the things we come into contact most often.

We also get involved in other things such VOIP, Wireless, firewalls and web hosting

People Skills

One of our big things is our personal relationship with our customers. This is more important than any of the technical skills or qualifications you may have and is the first thing we look for in new staff.

Anything Else

We’re currently hybrid so work from home and in the office in Coventry. Ideally, we’d like people who can easily get to Coventry when needed. However, as we can work remotely we’d be open to the right person being fully remote. The 1st line role in particular this would work. The 2nd line role does need to be Midlands based though as that’s where most of our customers are.